Introduce yourself!

Hi, I'm Utku.

I am a Philosophy student in Turkey. I have been deeply interested in philosophy my whole life and I really like seemingly unrelated fields or phenomena or thoughts to create an interesting explanations. Hence, I do not like to confine myself to analytic continental debate and I think philosophers should grow past such classifications.
Other than that, my interests are music, which includes history and philosophy of music. I love Jazz and Baroque composers. I also hold contemporary electronic musicians in very high regard.
Being a student in Istanbul, politics have always been at the center of my life. Being politically active had not always been a choice but a necessity. I like to bring the sensibilities gained from political action to other areas.

When it comes to internet culture and memes, the idea of analyzing memes philosophically fascinated me when I was in High School. At the time I wrote a couple of things which were all based on the meta-ironic and post-ironic trends of the era. As any young person, I grew up with internet and internet culture. Trying to understand internet using insights from other disciplines is quite interesting to me, although I can rarely do it because I am no longer that well versed in internet culture anymore. My main method of accessing memes is Facebook, and I don't use it all that often either.

I hope to find and also write some great discussion here, happy to be here with y'all. :slight_smile:

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Enlo everyone, I don't think I introduced myself

  • I'm studying geopolitics and have a french political science background
  • If I was able to access norwegian memes about Russia and the Ukraine situation I would have a project relevant to meme studies within my thesis, but this is sadly not the case
  • I love politics and geopolitics which are obviously very much present in meme culture, but now that I think about it I don't find them very funny anymore since 2016 lol
  • I usually still use facebook pages, and share memes from chats on messenger

Not quite a meme but here's the last thing I saved :

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Hello, my name is Joe, I was recommended to join here.

My research interests are generally what are colloquially known in some ecology studies as "mud," or compositions between what might be considered "unwanted" and "desirable" (dirt and water). The end result is a look at media that isn't leading (either negatively or positively), but helps inform everything around it.

I'm not working on a project actively related to meme studies, though memes do come up in my laborious and long book, which concerns liminal signs of ideology.

I'm not sure if I have something directly related to meme culture, but as someone in two meme-heavy communities (anime discussion and fighting games), I do come across them a lot.

The main platform is my phone, and the latest meme I have is this

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Hi, I'm Alfie. I'm a board game designer and am currently working with A.I to create a text prompt based online game. I've been making stuff on the internet since 1997 and have watched the evolution of meme culture both up close and more recently from a distance.

Back in 2005 I created We Are Not Afraid which at the time was the biggest internet meme to emerge to date, so I'm interested also in the lived experience of people who create memes.

I'm very curious about how tools like midjourney and eventually Dall-e2/Imagen will disrupt or otherwise impact meme culture.

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Sup Crew,

I'm Fotis. I go by Hermes in the TPM Disord and by UniPuff in general in cyberspace.

I am interested in the impact of memes on people's behavior, perception, worldviews and how the Cyber interfaces with the IRL. I am also interested in micro-evolutionary patterns of memes and meme-cultures and how they relate to cultural evolution in general.

Here's my idiosyncratic background:

  • Undergrad: History and Philosophy of Science
    My thesis was on the crossroads of philosophical biology and embodied cognitive science.
  • Masters: Cognitive Science
    The specific program was big in the 4E (Embodied, Embedded, Enactive, Extended) approach to cognition, and my thesis was on an Ecological approach to Auditory Perception. I also wrote a paper on memetics for a course which I had shared with the community.
  • Currently:
    -I got a studentship for a PhD Reserach Programme at Exeter relating to Philosophy of Open Science which I will be starting from late September. John Dupre will be my co-supervisor for those who know :wink:
    -I have been working on DAOs and blockchain-based Co-ops for 7 months now and I am currently part of the team at Smart Contract Research Forum where I work as Community Cross-Pollinator for Research-related blockchain organizations as well as doing research on governance and metascience from time to time.

From my experience in web3 (at least the side of social impact-related co-op orgs), the people involved take the weaponization aspect of memes as a means of social transformation and philosophical cohesion very seriously. I am part of the newly emergent field of DAO Science and the aspect of decentralized coordination through memetic cultural engineering (as a complement to incentive design) is something that I am trying to promote.

I am also interested in the aspect of locality and meme vernaculars and documenting sub-cultural meme niches, especially in Greece.

Besides all the brainy stuff, I am also a musician and producer occasionally making stuff. I usually take memes as inspiration for making stuff.

I generally choose different platforms for different reasons. Facebook for Schizoposting, Instagram for avant-garde post-ironic accounts, and Discord or Youtube for esoteric stuff.

The latest meme saved (a dogger!):


Welcome! Your work/interest in cyber culture sounds fascinating-I'm particularly interested in how technology becomes the vessel for cultures and vice-versa. Feel free to share your article on memetics in a new thread in #research if you haven't already, I'm sure the community will want to discuss


Here you go Can Memetics be Revived?

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Hello, I'm Pierre! I'm born in the south of France and now working as a post-doctorate research associate in applied mathematics in Oxford. My academic work focuses on partial differential equations modelling phenomena in the living sciences, namely computational neuroscience. Apart from my "main" career, I also write novels, short stories and theatre, but I barely send them to editors because I always write new texts instead of correcting and perfecting the previous ones :sweat_smile:.

I have a growing fascination with internet memes since I discovered the godforsaken website 9gag around 2011. Then, I grew an even stranger fascination for the analysis of memes thanks to facebook groups like tpmg. Being unable to perform proper analysis of memes myself, I get involved more and more in meme studies communities to benefit vicariously from treasures I cannot access. I also make some memes myself, most of them shitposts.

Looking forward to discuss with you people :heart:

Here's one of my memes:



I’m Silvia and I'm writing to you on behalf of Clusterduck!

We are an interdisciplinary collective working in the fields of new media studies, design and transmedia, investigating processes and actors behind the creation of Internet-based content.

In the last 4 years we have been exploring, studying and working a lot in and on Memes and meme studies, and we tried to spread our findings with our possibilities which are mainly web design, writing, chatting, and archiving. You may find something of our first activities by following the hashtags #MEMEPROPAGANDA and #MEMERSFORFUTURE.

We would like to share some of our last works, made during a collective and participative transmedia project called Meme Manifesto.

The project, while always changing and mutating, for the moment is composed by:

  • An interactive website called “The Iceberg”, here.

  • A physical installation called “The Detective Wall”, of which you can find some pics on Clusterduck’s IG @realclusterfuck. The Detective Wall tables, inspired by the work of Aby Warburg and classic “crazy walls”, are a small study on 10 different meme periods, themes and communities, from Troll and anti-troll culture to hyperstition, from OC Memes to Surreal and Fried Memes, from identity politics to conspiracy culture. A digital version of the 10 tables can be found here.

  • A little book which is intended to be a guide to the “The Detective Wall” installation and research, which is called The Detective Wall Guide, we can send you the PDF if you are interested in reading more.

  • A series of workshops called “The Protocols”, which exist with the aim of investigating different areas of the memesphere together with the participants. You can find the results of one of the Protocols.

We are of course inviting you to join the project in the way you can, by writing to us or sending memes through the Telegram bot Aby Bot @realabybot, and whatever else comes to your mind!

Have a nice day!

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Hey Silvia, welcome! Congratulations to Clusterduck on the amazing project. I checked it out on both my computer and my phone as soon as it was released, and it runs really well. I wish I could come see the wall in person.

I encourage you to make a thread in the #research category about the exhibition, and especially the participatory methodology using Aby Bot, so that more people can see it and contribute!

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Hey, I'm Enzo, a software engineering student in Brazil!

Been around the internet since the beginning, and so I feel like I've seen it grow up and evolve over the years. I love researching and seeing how memes manifest new ideas and what it implies in relation to internet culture.
I'm really into experimental stuff, philosophy and politics, I find it interesting seeing memes getting so niche and meaningful to very specific communities.
Lately I have been using TikTok and Facebook to see memes.

Here's my last saved meme:

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hi im adrian, i am a highschool student who has been chronically online since conception. i like art of many varieties, reading philosophy i cant understand and looking into niche online subcultures.
i currently attend an art school and i am in the midst of doing my senior capstone which is in relation to the artistic philosophy of gen z, memes and all that good stuff. i run a fairly bad meme account on instagram where i attempt to create my own memes to no avail. overall i love observing memes evolve on the internet and how they can take new and unprecedented forms, expanding on our understanding of art and participatory culture. while not my "favourite" platform i find that tiktok is where the youth have currently coalesced and it provides some interesting modes and formats for memes to take form as well as more nascent memes.

anyways its cool to find a bunch of people who are passionate about this kind of stuff as well!
heres my meme hehe:


I'm Next, I have a degree in physics and I'm interested in formalizing and categorizing meme humor. I basically want to research how one could "measure" a meme and how one would construct a mathematical model to describe a meme.

I'm not working on any projects but I joined the forum to start or join a project.

My main hobby related to memeculture is shitposting and collecting fake internet points.

I mainly observe memes on reddit and occasionally youtube.

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Hello I go by Duke online, and I'm currently living in Des Moines Iowa.

My current platform of choice is Tik Tok with the recent developments in schizo-posting, however I also dabble in Instagram and am hoping to branch or into Twitter meme culture.

I've been surrounded by memes as soon as I had a device to find them on and have recently become interested in how different memes are formed and evolve, as well as what they say about the people posting them and the people enjoying them.
This is the latest meme I've downloaded

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Hi I’m funsize and I make music under G.O.A.T. Knife and Holographic Beamforming. I like messing around with ai to create mashups. I like researching topics related to pathfinder divinities. I’ve done music for many years, and listened for more. I’m a part of the A2B2 online community. This community, started by Andy Morin of Death Grips is involved in art projects of all sourts. An image board, forum, magazine, twitch streamed radio, concert, and most recently a game jam with Vinesauce as the host. Here’s the first concert
Here’s the most recent meme saved on my phone.

Maybe my parents saved it idk

Hi I'm Ryan, I've been shitposting on Facebook for over a decade and have achieved nothing. I live in PNW, USA and I like technology; I have a background in programming and robotics, particularly simulation and drones. I play a lot of video games and like to talk about them.


Hi! I'm Emily. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a background in Philosophy (interests are aesthetics, philosophy of art, existentialism, epistemology) and in Gender Studies. I am currently a Master's student in Performance Studies at NYU, doing research for a project on post-irony -- specifically about the post-ironic relationships we form to pieces of media. I'm developing an expanded sort of symbolic logic to represent these post-ironic relations, so we will see how that goes!

I came to this page because I'm interested in how the kinds of thinking developed and practiced by meme-centric discursive communities effects peoples' relationships to other things -- I think the reason I (and lots of other people - hello to the twilight renaissance) can think about Twilight the way I do is from years and years of seeing memes, engaging in meme-related discourse, etc. I'm also really interested in the way that memes are present in verbal conversations -- moments when people don't just reference a meme, but they actually perform the meme with their voice/ body.

My favorite platforms to observe memes right now are TikTok and Instagram meme pages.

Please enjoy this American Girl Doll meme !

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Hello, i'm salad, a philosophy student down in australia.
I'm very interested in absurdism, surrealism and satire, particularly in analysing how culture can impact ideology and society, hence why i've ended up here. i found this forum through one of JrEg's videos.
I dont currently have any projects relating to meme culture, but am always researching and engaging in it. I enjoy looking at the way memes craft and critique society, and drawing connections to art throughout history.
I dont really have a favourite platform for memes, just where i get them, which is usually discord
I look forward to getting to know you all and contributing to memeology! heres my last meme:

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I am Nomad. I am an IT student from Hungary.

I'm interested in the origin and evolution of edgy/wholesome left-leaning and progressive memes, my goal is to find out ways to create memes for young people which are edgy and gritty without engaging in ironic racism/sexism/classism/homophobia, etc.

I'm one of the admins of a facebook/instagram page called Borotva Éles Buzikomcsi Űrnindzsák, Razor Sharp Commie Space Ninjas in English. The source of inspiration for our memes is a culmination of researching /r/the_pack style memes (there are a bunch of Hungarian meme pages in the genre), Metal Gear Rising memes and Hungarian politics.

I collect memes from Facebook and Instagram, but I'm about to get more interested in TikTok too.

Here is the last meme I downloaded:

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