What are memes for?

We’re here because we share either a passion or a deep interest in making or understanding memes…
but what are exactly memes for in your view? How do they impact your day-to-day life and your reality? Do you think they’ve turned into something essential nowadays?


That’s such an enormous question and I don’t know how to answer it, even though I’ve thought about it a whole lot.

I think to answer that, trying to think about what art is for might help.

I believe that art is (when it works) a solution to some aesthetic problem, in precisely the same way that an evolved trait is a solution to some environmental factor that exerts an evolutionary pressure. In the same way, I think a meme is a solution to memetic problems.

It’s in this regard that I think a biological perspective is still useful to meme studies within the Internet memetics context.

I am not sure how to formulate this less vaguely, but that’s my present hypothesis.

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