Milady Maker Memes Information

Milady Maker is a collection of 10,000 generative profile picture NFTs with a neochibi aesthetic inspired by street style tribes of Y2K Japan. The Milady brand supports a thriving ecosystem of derivative projects from its fan community, such as the Redacted Remilio Babies. Miladys [sic] are NFTs with their own discrete value, and the cheapest Miladys cost around $2,000 before fees. The Milady style is inspired by the subcultural fashion tribes of Y2K Japan, and they are highly sought-after on Crypto Twitter, with a floor price of 1.95 ETH.

I have noted several meme trends in the Milady Twitter community:

  • Miladys on Twitter will often respond to Milady threads with the single word “milady”.
  • By having a Milady as your profile picture, you can “log on and win forever”.
  • Setting your profile picture to a Milady undoes any past “cancellation” you might have suffered.
  • Milady is a hub for various highly-online and vaguely-extreme ideas such as accelerationism, cypherpunk, &c.
  • Milady centers largely around the figure of Charlotte Fang, a prolific poster who promotes such ideas.
  • Miladys generally love God and Jesus Christ in a nonspecific way, but also have their own form of spirituality called “network spirituality”.
  • Milady ties in with the general “schizoposting” meme trend, where people act like schizophrenic conspiracy theorists.
  • Miladys are vaguely dangerous or terroristic, and since they’ve already won forever, they are also unbeatable.
  • They tend to have a rivalry with other big NFT projects, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club.
  • Miladys commonly have an optimistic outlook.

For more info, see the full post:

I have supplemented this post with an Imgur album of Milady memes. Make sure to check the ones in the blog post first.