Meme Studies Index

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share this collaborative project we have been working on at meme studies research network and virtualgoodsdealer. is an index where you can find a selection of meme studies research. You can use it as a guiding resource if you're interested in academic research about internet memes. This index is a work-in-progress and we will endeavour to update it with new submissions whenever we can, please do not take it as a definitive guide to the entirety of the literature, as it is limited in its scope.

"The Meme Studies Research Network (MSRN) Index is a collaborative project that collects and presents academic literature about the use, spread and impact of internet memes. The MSRN index was modeled after the Cyberfeminism Index facilitated by Mindy Seu and LSE Digital Ethnography Collective’s reading list.

Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:

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Well done and congratulations, @idil! Excited to read and contribute to the Index!