Image thumbnails

Would it be possible to embed image and video thumbnails in the thread list? Due to the primarily visual nature of internet memes thumbnails would liven up the thread list and incentivise users to include images in their posts.

example from reddit:

example from KYM:
thumbnails KYM


OK, done!

Iโ€™ve installed the topic list thumbnails component. Itโ€™s currently set to List mode, which I think works best for most of the post types.

1. Grid mode:

2. Minimal Grid mode:

3. Masonry mode:

4. List mode:

The Masonry mode might work nicely for the Creativity category. We can set different modes for each category and subcategory as well as tags (not sure how that would work), so we can set it to Grid mode or Masonry mode if we make an artworks subforum, for example.

More info on the component: Topic List Thumbnails Theme Component - theme - Discourse Meta


hell yeah, that looks so much nicer now!

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