I'm developing an open source tool for tracing memes on reddit

I've created a project on github called meme-tracer. I'm writing it in python (maybe some parts in C/C++/OpenCL) and the goal is to analyze and visualize the lifecycle of a meme on reddit. The main feature is an algorithm which takes an image and a meme template and checks if the image can be created from the template by scaling/croping/adding text/etc. That can then be used to automatically search reddit for a template and measure how popular it is/was in selected subreddits. In the last step the tool creates a graph that shows when a meme was first seen, how it spread from one sub to another, and when it started to fade away.

I'm still at the beginning (defining the algorithm).

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This is an interesting project! Have you considered using OpenCV to streamline the process a bit?

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Maybe. I know that OpenCV can do cool things for video processing but I've never looked into it's image processing capabilities.