Considering new categories

We need places to discuss:

  • memes that you made, which people can post with commentary (namely, about the process, but also other things like sharing tools, tutorials, resources, and assets, etc.)
  • new developments in technologies and disciplines that are very important to memes and meme studies, namely social media platforms and platform studies, but also things like artificial intelligence, news about the Internet and the digital life
  • academic-adjacent discussions from intellectual subcultures which do not self-identify as meme studies (for instance, many memecultures have a lot of meta-discussions about the way that their own subcultures are operated, such as with fanfic communities and the way that they handle copyright)
  • cool tools, exemplars, inspirations, phenomena of Internet-historical interest
  • "field reports" from researchers and subculturalists that offer data and descriptions about various memecultures and subcultures which they have explored and participated in

I'll come back to this and figure out how to arrange these spaces, namely what to call them and where to put them.

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I love the 3rd bullet especially. I don't have any recommendations but still